The Huggies® Tiniest Footprint™ Mission

You should never have to compromise between caring for your baby and caring for the environment. As part of our overall commitment to sustainability, the Huggies® Tiniest Footprint™ Mission aims to make our products as gentle on the planet as they are on your baby’s skin.

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The Tiniest Footprint™ means finding new ways to become more efficient. Every Huggies® colleague has a role to play and we’re proud to say, each one of them makes it part of their practice to reduce waste wherever they can.

From our processes

We put a great deal of focus on finding solutions to eliminate waste from our manufacturing mills, distribution centres and offices, as well as helping our consumers and customers find solutions for the disposal of our products’ at the end of the products’ lifecycle.

From our products

We’ve also set ourselves a goal to put in place, where we are able, to help our customers and consumers divert the waste from our products and packaging after-use from landfill.